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Private Alpha – Usability Testing

About a month ago, we released Trekaroo into private alpha with the goal of sending it to a few friends and family to check out the site, provide us with feedback and to start writing reviews. The focus was on acquiring reviews. During this time, we have spent a good amount of time in usability […]

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Reflections on starting a startup

…insanely dangerous and wonderfully exciting… Surprisingly enough, even though we are located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we only know a handful of personal friends who have actually taken the plunge and started a company of their own. I suppose we are surrounded by a lot of people who think it’s cool and dream […]

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Trekaroo SendMe2Disney Photo Contest

When inspiration hits…

Today, the inspiration to write about all our wonderful adventures in starting and building Trekaroo finally hit me and I’ve started this blog so that all our family, friends, and fans can share in our excitement. I also figure that if we keep this going long enough, perhaps our kids will grow up and ask […]

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