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Seeking: 3 Year Old Evangelists

“Ma Ma?  I found your website!” squeals my 3 year old with pure delight.  I look up from my keyboard.  It takes me a few minutes to process the following: 1) How does a 3 year old know the word “website” 2) How can a 3 year old find a website? I look over at […]

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Cherry Blossom a Bloomin’

By Lydie Thomas on Trekaroo: “The time of the year to see the cherry blossoms changes every year but it usually falls between the end of March and mid-April, depending on weather conditions. When the cherry trees are in full blossom, you are facing a sea of pink and white trees announcing the beginning of […]

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Taxes, Bootstrapping and Being Parents Don't Mix

Today, we filed our taxes and I’ve come to question whether our government is serious about encouraging entrepreneurship.  As parents and entrepreneurs, it’s unfortunate that our tax laws do nothing to encourage entrepreneurship among hardworking moms and dads like ourselves. Let me elaborate… Trekaroo is a bootstrapped startup.  When Brennan, Esther and I started Trekaroo, […]

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User's know what they want. We should listen.

It’s exactly one week since we launched Rate & Review for all 50 states.  This is something that our users have been asking for from the moment they set eyes on Trekaroo.  In all our surveys and feedback forms, families were asking why we wouldn’t make such a valuable resource for families available for as […]

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The Whole Wide World of Blogs

I’m a little star gazed  right now.  After a whole evening of reading the escapades and musings of mommy bloggers all around the word, I must say that I am in awe.  There really are moms out there who write great stuff in their blogs.  The life of moms around the word is a shared […]

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Set Off Fireworks – Vote.

Trekaroo has been entered to win the Leading Women in Business Competition that’s being sponsored by Startup Nation and Women Who Launch.   Our hot meter is sliding up and it’s exciting to see our fans comin’s on to vote for us.  If we win the competition, it’ll mean a lot of press for Trekaroo!  We’re […]

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