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Mama Merit Badges

i just came across a website tonight that creates badges for Mama Scouts. they were created to give moms “props” for all the hard work motherhood requires, yet often goes unnoticed. my favorite was the one for “travel” and “diaper” given the stories from our worst poop travel story.  i think all the parents who’ve […]

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iPhone baby monitor

When we went on a retreat with our 1 and 4 year old a few years ago at one of those family retreat centers in the woods, I was a confounded by how to monitor our sleeping kids in the bedroom while we were meeting in a building just next door.  We brought our baby […]

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People who "get" family travel

This morning we were written up in an article by Shelly Rivoli at the Examiner.  The most exciting part is that she understands the family travel niche and the needs of our demographic.  Trekaroo was borne out of our own frustration. We found it difficult and time-consuming to find the information we wanted that was […]

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Annoucing the Birth of Trekaroo Beta

Trekaroo – Beta is live! ( This is a huge milestone for Brennan, Esther, Michael and myself. We’ve been working on Trekaroo for about 10 months and in the words of Esther, it feels like we’ve given birth to a baby. Quietly and privately, we’ve been growing Trekaroo. Today, we unveiled ourselves to the general […]

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Sledding or Tubing up in Tahoe

Growing up as a kid on the East Coast, I loved hearing on the radio “Trinity Middle School-Delayed 2 hours…Turkey Hill Elementary School – Closed…” It was a Snow Day! I’d grab my friends, dust off our 6 foot toboggan, and ask mom to drop us all off to find the tallest, fastest, and longest […]

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