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Awesome Travel Toys for Family Travel

Heading out on an upcoming trip and hoping to get some great travel toys to take in tow? We’ve reviewed dozens of products for kids of all ages and share some of our absolute favorites with you. Best Baby Travel Toys 36.  Plastic linking rings: Sassy Lively Links $3 37.  Boardbooks: The Cheerios Play Book […]

Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

 Let me start off first by saying, I’m a baby wrap kinda gal. I love how snug and secure baby feels against my chest. I also have an old injury on my lower back and the wraps do a great job of distributing the weight across my entire back. However, what I don’t like about […]

Best Kid-friendly Hotels in Philadelphia

With so much to see in Philadelphia with the kids, what are the best hotels for visiting families to make their temporary vacation home? The two best locations to find a hotel are near Independence Hall or Museum Row. Here are what Trekaroo families have voted as the best kid-friendly hotels in Philadelphia.

Places to Experience Dinosaurs and Fossils With Kids

When our son turned 4, he wanted a dinosaur party. I was thrilled. My imagination went wild over creating a wonderful dinosaur dig complete with a dino egg hunt. These terrifying creatures have captured the minds of even the youngest children. Parents can use that fascination to instill some learning into the kids and discover […]