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We all know what it is like doing travel research online.  Before you know it, you feel engulfed by a web of interlinked pages not knowing how to get back to something useful you saw.  How many times have you simply shut down your computer overwhelmed with information and not much closer to having figured out your trip?  Riva Richmond of the New York Times wrote an article about her same frustration in “Organizing the Chaos of Online Travel”  in which Trekaroo is mentioned as her recommended source for tips for traveling with kids.

Screen shot 2009-12-02 at 10.31.20 PM“This fall, I was lured to Panama. Friends who settled there a year ago had regularly regaled me, an avid traveler, with visions of a lively Latin city with nearby, unspoiled beaches bordered by jungle.

For half of my 10-day trip, I intended to traipse around Panama City. The rest would be a solo adventure — but to where? Greedily, I began surfing the Web, exploring my friends’ suggestions and amassing options.

It didn’t take long for disorganization to set in. There were so many possibilities and interesting tidbits in travel articles. How would I keep it together to make a wise destination decision — or take the information I’d found with me? I could cut and paste text into a Word document or save Web pages in a bookmarks folder. But the former seemed tedious, and the latter inadequate.

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In her article, she highlights Trekaroo as a resource for family travel tips.

“Trekaroo focuses on families. Modeled on the consumer-review site Yelp, Trekaroo helps parents find child-friendly hotels and age-appropriate activities recommended by other parents. It has more than 20,000 reviews covering 65 destinations in the United States, and is expanding steadily.

Parents looking for activities can select a destination and travel radius, specify price and age ranges, and choose an activity category. I searched for free activities within 10 miles of Manhattan suitable for children age 10 and under and got 27 results, topped by Central Park and including ideas like the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens.”

Trekaroo isn’t a travel tip organizing tool, but we do have simple bookmarking to help our users retrieve useful information that they come across on our website more easily.  It’s basic but it gets the job done!  When you view all the bookmarks in your Trekaroo Passport, you can see all the places you bookmarked displayed on a map.   This makes it easy to see how all the attractions and hotels you are interested in are related to each other geographically.

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LiLing Pang is Co-founder and CEO of Trekaroo . She is a mom to two boys and a girl and recently traveled through Central America. Together with her husband, Brennan Pang, they hatched the idea of Trekaroo one summer day along the California coast while searching for the best kid-friendly tide pool near La Jolla with their curious 2 and a half year old.
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