One Last Hurrah- Tips on How to Have a Successful Babymoon

A fairly new concept that is gaining in popularity with expecting mothers is the babymoon.  A babymoon is a vacation taken prior to having a new baby.  It is similar to a honeymoon, but for expectant parents.  The demands and sleepless nights associated with a newborn are many and a babymoon can be the prefect way to prepare yourself for the demanding weeks ahead of you.

There are several things to consider when planning your babymoon.  Whether you would like to have some rest a relaxation before the oncoming demands of a newborn, or you would like to spend some special time bonding with your existing children, a babymoon  can be just what the doctor ordered!  We found it to be a great way to help prepare our family for that precious little (demanding) family member we were about to add to our clan.

Something to think about while planning your babymoon is timing.  If you are planning a more active getaway, you may want to have your babymoon in your 2nd trimester while you are still fairly comfortable and it’s easier for you to get around.  If your plan is to be pampered and relax, you may want to have your babymoon in your third trimester when the demands on your body are stronger and you are in need of some tender loving care.  If you pregnancy has been high-risk, your healthcare provider may advise you to stay closer to home during your babymoon.  In fact, many doctors don’t recommend traveling by air during your last month of pregnancy.

You’ll also want to think about what you want to accomplish with your babymoon.  Family bonding time?  Rest and rejuvenation?  Maybe a combination of these things.  When deciding on a location you’ll want to consider your goals.  You may want to stay at a resort that provides pregnancy massage.  If you are planning on taking your existing children you’ll want to choose a more child friendly location.

For our babymoon we decided to go as a family.  I was 36 weeks pregnant and we wanted one last hurrah as a family of three.  We wanted this trip to be special for our daughter as these were her final days as an only child.  I heard about the Nickelodeon Getaway at the Renaissance Esmeralda Spa and Resort just outside of Palm Springs.  Our getaway was chock full of fun family activities with Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer.  The Renaissance Exmeralda also has some great restaurants and a full service spa.   We were able to make our daughter feel special while mommy and daddy had a chance to relax before the impending arrival of our newborn baby girl (and all those sleepless nights).

We had it all, from character meet and greets to a special breakfast with Dora the Explorer.  I was even able to fit in a luxurious prenatal massage at their Spa Esmeralda.  I’m so glad we decided to take this trip.  The memories we created during our babymoon will last us a lifetime!

For more on our babymoon and my review of the Renaissance Esmeralda, please click here.

Tips for planning your Babymoon:

– Locate the details for the nearest hospital (just in case you go into labor early).

– Check with your healthcare provider for any travel limitations you should follow.

– Decide if you are looking for rest and relaxation or family bonding time (or a little of both).  Choose your hotel accordingly.

– You may want to purchase travel insurance in case you go into early labor and are unable to travel.

– Think about your travel time, a babymoon is supposed to be stress free and a time to relax.  You may want to keep travel times to a minimum for optimum comfort.

Disclosure:  Fabumom was provided with a complimentary stay at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa for this post.  The hotel did not request that she express a particular opinion and all opinions are entirely her own.

Rachel is the voice behind Fabumom.  She is the wife, mother,and  sushi loving goddess of the blog!  Her combined passions for travel, writing and parenting are the inspiration behind Fabumom.

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