Monday Madness- Win a Mango Passport Language Learning Program of the Language of Your Choice!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to entry number 126, Marc, who won the Mango Passport Language Program!

One of the things that makes me a bit anxious when I think about foreign travel is the language barrier.   I hate the idea of wandering around a place I have never visited, unable to speak the native tongue.  We English speakers are lucky that much of the world speaks our language, but wouldn’t it be nice to speak theirs?

After taking 6 years of Spanish in school, I feel fairly confident in my ability to read the language, but still don’t feel like I can carry on a conversation with a native speaker.  And what good is knowing a language if I can’t speak it?  For years, I have considered buying a computer based Spanish course to brush up my skills but never could find the time or commitment to do it.  Luckily, one day last December the people at Mango Languages contacted me and invited to me to try out their newest language learning program, Mango Passport.

Mango Passport teaches conversational language skills through its easy to use software. 17 languages are available, from Spanish to Hebrew.  How easy is the program to use? Trekaroo asked McFam, one of our members, to have her kids give it a test run. Here is a excerpt from her full review:

“My son, age 10, was the original tester of this program.  As he sat down to listen to the voices teaching him to say “Hola” and “Como esta usted,” his younger brother, age 8 was fascinated and joined him on his lesson.  They were both hooked from the first day.  I heard them from the kitchen repeating their words back to the computer, although there is no voice recognition included with the software – just their mother could hear if they are saying it correctly.  They liked the ease of flipping through the pages of the lesson and going from word to word and then combining them into phrases.  In just a short amount of time, they were able to say things that they could use in conversation if they were traveling.”

You can read McFam’s entire review of the Mango Passport software, including its pros and cons, here.

I had a similar experience testing things out as an adult.  I loved how each lesson built upon the previous lesson, while pausing for review when necessary. I also appreciated being able to learn at my own pace.  I breezed through some lessons that came naturally to me and slowed to review phrases that weren’t sticking in my mind as easily.  I think this program does better service to travelers trying to learn conversational skills than the traditional school teaching of language that I have experienced.  I look forward to progressing further through the program and putting my new skills into practice.

Do you want to try out Mango Passport for yourself? Than do we have a steal for you!

The Steal:  Win a Mango Passport language learning program in the language of your choice!  There are 17 different languages to choose from.

Details: One very lucky winner will receive  Mango Passport, in the language of their choice, via online download.  This prize has a $150 value.

HOW TO ENTER TO WIN: Head to the Mango Languages website and tell me in the comments which language you would pick if you won this great prize.

For additional entries, feel free to do any or all of the following.  Each one counts as an extra entry but be sure to LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH ONE or the entry will not be counted.


Rules and guidelines:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • US Residents only

Deadline to enter: Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 11:59PM PST

What is Monday Madness?

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Disclosure: Both McFam and I received complimentary access to Mango Passport software in order to review the product. Mango Languages did not ask us to state any specific opinion and all opinions are entirely our own.

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  1. Michelle

    Spanish! My son already loves our audio Spanish CDs that we play in the car, and this would certainly aide us! Great giveaway!

  2. Michelle Brennan

    We would choose Mandarin Chinese. I have been looking for a program close to our home for the kids here…to no avail!!!

  3. Gabrielle

    I would choose either Spanish or Hebrew. Both are part of my heritage and I’m not nearly as capable as I would wish in either.

  4. Stacie Frost

    I would choose Spanish. I homeschool my little boy, and would love to add this to our daily studies! We could both learn! Thanks for entering me! :o)
    staciefrost22 at hotmail dot com

  5. Stacie Frost

    I follow Mango Lanugages on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!!!
    staciefrost22 at hotmail dot com

  6. Stacie Frost

    I follow mango languages on Twitter (@savingmama42). Thanks for entering me!!
    staciefrost22 at hotmail dot com

  7. Stacie Frost

    I like Trekaroo on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!! :o)
    staciefrost22 at hotmail dot com

  8. Stacie Frost

    I follow Trekaroo on Twitter (@savingmama42). Thanks for entering me!
    staciefrost22 at hotmail dot com

  9. susie lee wiener

    I’d definitely like to learn Spanish. I’ve always wanted to. Muchas gracias (That much I know) 🙂


  10. I would choose Spanish. It just seems the most practical since we have so many Spanish speaking people in the U.S. I’m a parent to teens and I think if they learn to speak Spanish it will help them in the future when they begin to seek jobs.

  11. Ashley K.

    Ahhhh there are so many languages I want to learn D: but I guess I’d go with….Japanese.

  12. Corry E

    I would, without a doubt, choose German! I’m trying SO hard to learn on my own, but it is incredibly difficult to do! Thanks so much for the sweepstakes!

  13. Diane McMahon

    I would love to learn Spanish as I work in an area that has a lot of Spanish speaking people and due to the language barrier, I cannot help some clients. This would give me an opportunity to do more to help people. I liked Mango languages.

  14. Stacy

    I would pick Italian. When we were in Italy two years ago, we thought we knew enough to get around, but we were wrong!

  15. ferriz

    i would pick italian. i am going to italy (hopefully!) for 2 weeks this summer and would love to be able to communicate!

  16. Beth

    I believe I’d pick Spanish, since I already know a little and it would probably be most useful. Mainly I try to pick up some here and a little there through listening to the local Spanish radio station!

    German would be tempting as well, since I have friends in Germany and also took a couple of years of that language in high school.

  17. Jeaneen Richard

    I would choose spanish because it’s another high priority language here in the USA. I also have lots of hispanic friends and associates.

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