Monday Madness: Win a Complete Air Convertible Carseat from Safety 1st

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Mami2cjn (comment #4) chosen by Hope your daughter enjoys her brand new Complete Air Convertible Carseat! Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

When my son had outgrown his infant carrier, I asked everyone which convertible car seats were best for kids. At that point in time, no car seats had any side impact protection. Therefore, when I saw Safety 1st announce it’s new Complete Air Convertible Car Seat, I knew we needed to put this new baby to the test.


  • Air-filled head wings provides protection from side collisions
  • 40 pound rear-facing weight limit (one of the tallest rear-facing carseats available toady)
  • 3 crotch strap positions
  • Head wings make for nice pillows during car naps
  • Easy installation
  • Stylish, easy to clean fabric


  • Even with 3 settings, the crotch buckle might still be snug for older kids
  • For smaller cars (aka VW Golf), installation as a rear-facing car seat will probably require a pool noodle or towel to get a comfortable 45 degree angle recline. Safety 1st’s Complete Air SE and LX models cost more, but come with a 4-position recline to deal specifically with this issue

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Carseat.  Considering how important side impact head protection is, this car seat just cannot be beat. Here’s my full review of the Safety 1st Complete Air Car Seat with Side Impact Protection.

The Steal – Win a Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Carseat

We’ll be giving away 1 Safety 1st Complete Air Convertible Carseat.

Number of Winners: One (1)

Prize: 1 Safety 1st Complete Air Carseat (Value $200)

To enter:

Tell us what feature(s) is important to you when shopping for a carseat.  You can leave a comment below, tweet your thoughts to @trekaroo, or leave a comment on Facebook.

For additional entries, feel free to do any or all of the following. Each one counts as an extra entry but be sure to leave a separate comment for each one.

Rules and guidelines:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • US Residents only
  • One entry per person

Deadline to enter: Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 11:59PM PST

If you don’t want to register, but would like to purchase a Safety 1st Complete Air Carseat, it’s available on Amazon for $179.99-$249.99.

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Esther Lee is one of the co-founders of Trekaroo. She is also the mom to a 6 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl.
304 Responses
  1. Mami2jcn

    The car seat’s safety rating is the most important thing to me. I also look for the 5 point harness.

  2. Mami2jcn

    Shared this on Facebook:

  3. Mami2jcn

    The car seat I currently use for my daughter is the Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat, which she will outgrow in a month or two. I really like the designer colors and the fact that it snaps so easily into the Snugrider stroller frame, which is really light and easy to fold down. It is infinitely better than a bulky and heavy travel system. On the con side, it can only be used for infants so it can be a little pricey to have to buy another car seat once the baby is too big for the Snugride.

  4. Annie @ Mama Dweeb

    Ease of use is a huge thing for me when buying a car seat. If it is hard to instal and adjust I won’t buy it.

  5. Annie @ Mama Dweeb

    I currently use the Radian XLT from Sunshine Kids and LOVE it! It is so easy to use – the LATCH has buttons to make it easier to hook/unhook. It has side impact protection – rock on! And I love how trim it is. Some carseasts take up way too much room side to side.

  6. Caroline

    The air filled sides is huge for me, as it just makes so much sense if you are in an accident that you could get hurt banging your head to the side!

  7. Caroline

    The current car seat I use is a Graco infant car seat, which I don’t really like as my babies head always seem to fall forward. Even with little head supports, it just seems the way it sits it doesn’t support her head very well.

  8. Andrew S

    Bottom line, the most important feature to me is how it handles in a crash. Since Safety 1st does this well with the side impact, I think this is a great buy!

  9. Hannah

    The feature that is important is protection during side collision, as this is where your child is at the most risk, so I want a seat that protects and cushions!

  10. Kristin

    We were just researching carseats and I think the safety rating and side collision is most important to me.

  11. Sarah D.

    When shopping for a car seat, I want the best/most current safety features and a product that is still easy to use.

  12. Sarah

    The feature that is most important is safety. That it is able to comfortable provide protection to my child while driving even in adverse weather conditions.

  13. Valerie

    What’s important to me is five point harness and it’s safety rating. After that it’s the fit in the car.

  14. Michell

    Well, I’m a bargain shopper and I thought since all car seats have to be inspected..I would just go for the cheapest. BIG MISTAKE!! My hubby and I got 2 ‘cheap’ ones for each of our cars and my son HATES it! It’s just uncomfortable for him…So now we are out shopping for a new one:(
    I wish I would have bought the one you’re reviewing…THANK YOU for the chance to win one:)

  15. Autumn B.

    We look for good side impact features, you never know which way you are going to get hit =(

    autumn398 @

  16. Stacy

    On our third kiddo, and well versed in the abundance of car seat options and prices, we really have looked for safety ratings to guide our purchases. Extra features are always nice, but safety ratings are where we start our list of car seats (& strollers, etc.) to look at.

  17. Nicole Greene

    The overall safety ratings and features on the carseat is the most important when shopping for one.

  18. Carrie

    I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog

  19. Carrie

    A review: We currently own one convertible carseat, the Evenflo Triumph Advance. My son is now 2 1/2 and has been using it since he was 3 months old (since our cat wet on his infant seat!). It is easy to install and he seems very comfortable in it. I like that the straps are very easy to adjust and I feel like they always fit him in the proper place. The seat has a good amount of padding so that our son is comfortable even on long car trips. The seat has stayed pretty clean, even through 2+ years of use, and where it’s gotten dirty, wiping off the parts has been simple and easy.

    We were planning on buying another of these carseats now that our daughter is outgrowing her infant seat, but we’re very impressed by what we’ve heard about the Safety 1st seat with its side collision protection, so we’re now looking at that one as well.

  20. The Jacobsen Family

    Safety, good Consumer Reports and customer ratings are important to me when looking for a car seat!

  21. Stephanie V.

    safety ratings and •Air-filled head wings provides protection from side collisions
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  22. Jaque

    The most important feature when purchasing a carseat is safety, then comfort, then ease of use….too much info?

    Thank you. 🙂

  23. Messy Mommy

    We have a Britax Roundabout car seat and I really love it! It’s super easy to install and adjust, and the straps never get twisted.

  24. Diane Tresco

    The side impact defense on the Air Convertible car seat is really important as a high percentage of accidents are from the side.

  25. Wolvie72

    Safety is my 1st concern, then fit. Both for my child and in the vehicle. gbloganx(AT)aol(DOT)com

  26. Sean

    It is important to me when shopping for a car seat that it not be huge. Since we have four little ones all in car seats, they take up so much room. I want the car seat to be safe, but no mammoth in size!

  27. nan lara

    i want to make sure it’s easy to use, but at the same time, nothing my son can get himself out of

  28. dawn

    The ability to easily adjust the straps and buckles are the most important thing when shopping for a carseat.

  29. sharon martinez

    I am a grandmother of 9, I am currently helping my daughter care for the 1yr old. It is of utmost importance that their little heads are protected and of course that it be a comfortable ride as well. I would love to be able to give this to my daughter for my grandson. She is extremely safety conscious
    Thank you

  30. Kenia

    Safety is most important..also durability. I have a strong little one..he broke the styrafoam under the cover of his $200 britex seat was partly grandmas fault for removing the cover and not putting it back on right..he has a car seat (a costco -belonged to his sister) but a newer would be great!

  31. Tabathia B

    One of the most imp features is safety issues/ratings and that my daughter will be snug and comfortable because she is a big baby

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  32. jessica adams

    its important to me to find a car seat that is safe for side impact… i like a nice fabric that’s easy to wipe clean as well!

  33. jessica adams

    I have used Britax and Peg Perego car seats. They are both high quality and have great fabrics and are really safe. I have seen this car seat in stores and it looks to be the same quality.

  34. hippie4ever

    Safety and ease of buckling the child in LOVE the side impact protection!!! silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  35. Saebbe Reidhead

    Important to me is, easily adjustable, high weight limits rearfacing and side impact protection.

  36. amber

    Ease of use and comfort is important, so is safety rating. This would be wonderful to win! Thanks so much!

  37. Sarah

    I think that up to date safety features are important, but I also think that comfort is important.

    It’s also helpful if the seat and straps are easy to use.

  38. Jack Palmer

    I am looking for user friendly car seats. I don’t want to have to have a PHD in order to figure out how to get baby in and out. Also the seat should be comfortable for baby.

  39. Brad

    The most important thing to me is being able to install the seat easily when moving it from one car to another car.

  40. Combi Car Seat

    i saw this car seat at target. looks pretty great, got some great safety features and feels comfortable. those are the main 2 things too look for in a car seat and it has them.

  41. Jennifer Reddeman

    The most important feature for me is ease of use and that my child can’t get out of it when she shouldn’t

  42. anthy

    Most important features: protects the baby’s head and other parts, and easy to install and buckle the baby into. That last is particularly important, since it’s why we’re looking for a replacement for ours – ours takes an enormous amount of effort to buckle.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  43. Jeannine M

    I look for alot of things in a car seat-is it easy to install? Do the straps not get tangled easy. Will child be confortable in car seat. Weight limit on harnessing (since my middle one is almost 4 and I want to extend harness him)

  44. fancygrlnancy

    I want a car seat that is super safe and can face backwards for a long time. Plus I like one that is usable for a while.

  45. Trina C

    My oldest son just outgrew his Britax Boulevard car seat and we loved it. Although it is rather large it is uber-safe with side impact protection. Also he was able to stay in it until he was 49 inches tall.

  46. Laura

    My 2 priorities when buying a car seat are safety and ease of installation. It looks like the Complete Air Convertible Car Seat would be prefect for these needs!

  47. Joannie Chen

    Comfort (can get super hot in CA) + ease of adjusting harness to ensure child correctly wears the harness.

  48. ashley

    I am a fan of a lot of features on this carseat, but the biggest one for me would be the safety rating, who doesnt want their children to be safe? lol silly question 🙂

  49. Christie

    I think the most important feature of a car seat is its efficacy in an accident. How much protection does it provide, especially to the head area? I like the Side Impact Protection.

  50. Carol G

    Aside from the safety issues, which are paramount, ease of installation is important, since the seat is transferred from car to car.

  51. Merrie L.

    Aside from Safety, the most important issue is the ease of use… being able to snap the buckle in with him in it! That, and being able to adjust the straps with him growing. (I hate trying to remember how to adjust the straps after not using them in a number of months!) lol

  52. anthy

    My carseat review! My mother has a carseat made by Cosco (I’m really not sure of the model, sorry), which is rather old. She’s had it since my niece was little, I think, and my niece is now 9, which gives you an idea! She now uses it to shuttle my 2-year-old nephew around.

    It’s held up pretty well and is very sturdy, and it’s pretty easy to install in the car. BUT, it is very difficult to fasten! It has a…kind of a padded ledge-thing that goes down over and in front of the child, and a buckle that you have to push down and click in between the child’s legs in the bottom of the seat. You have to push down HARD. My mom has a lot of trouble with this (and this is why I’m entering this contest – I’d love to win her a seat that she’d have less trouble fastening!)

    I’ve buckled the seat myself multiple times, so these are my own views of a carseat I have used.

    Thank you again for the giveaway!

  53. anthy

    I posted about the giveaway on my blog here:
    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  54. Stephanie Hrouda

    Safety, good Consumer Reports and customer ratings are important to me when looking for a car seat!

  55. Lisa R

    I had an Evenflo for my daughter but she is a bit old for it. I am looking for one now because I now have neices and nephews that stay over and I want one of my own so I don’t have to take in and out of my car when they visit and go back home. I’m getting too old for that…lol

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  56. amy h

    Tweeted the link to this giveaway using retweet button:

  57. Summer

    Safety is the number 1 feature we look for in a carseat. I want to make sure my children will not get hurt if anything happens.

  58. Lisa

    I look for one that looks like it has the best safety protection, ease of installation and if it looks comfortable.

  59. Rachel Maguire

    I like the “Air Wings” for side collision protection. Comfort and Safety are my main concerns.

    Thanks for the contest, hope I hear from you!

  60. Rachel Maguire

    I added your contest to the giveaway section of my blog.

  61. lilshuga2001


  62. Ron Miller

    probably ease of installation with my cars available belts is most important, the correct and safe way of course

  63. kathy pease

    i like a seat that is easy to install where you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure out but the most important is the safety rating i would want a seat with the most protection

  64. Tammy Kennedy

    My young grandson lives 1200 miles away and will be needing a new carseat soon, I worry the most about side impacts because it happened to us when my daughter was only about a year old.
    So my favorite is the side impact feature

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  65. Tammy Kennedy

    I Follow Safety 1st on Twitter

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  66. Tammy Kennedy

    I’m a Fan Safety 1st on Facebook
    Tammy Kennedy

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  67. Tammy Kennedy

    I’m a Fan of Trekaroo on Facebook
    Tammy Kennedy

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  68. Jeanette Huston

    I think what is inportant is protection during side collision plus this seat is rated 5 in safety. I think that says a lot.

  69. Jeanette Huston

    I have used graco. I have not crashed with is or anything but I think I would rate it an 8 because their is not much stability.

  70. Jeanette Huston

    Posted to my fb here!/jeanette.huston?v=wall&story_fbid=114089598617395&ref=mf

  71. victoria shugart

    what features i think are important is well of course that it safe, the car seat has to be strudy but also easy to put in and take out of cars,that is comfratable and has a nice look to it.what i find great about this car seat is the air bags because safety always come first.

  72. L.D.

    Safety features and ease of use are of utmost importance to me. Then I like convertibility as my next concern.

  73. Michelle - A Happy Hippy Mom

    The most important feature I look for when I shop for a car seat is the safety rating and then I look for how easy is it to install.

  74. takiyah williams

    the most imiportant features to me is first and foremost is the safety ratings. Second if it is a convertible seat the can be used for newborns on up; does it have an insert that fits a newborn like a cocoon to keep them situated right.

  75. Ani

    Easy installation is important to me because I want to make sure I can put the seat in right and that it’s safe for my child.

  76. Louise Werre

    I like a seat that I can attach the bottom frame in all the time, and attach it quickly to the frame and carseat.

    The air feature on this one sounds like the child will be confortable and fully protected.

  77. Alison

    The number one most important feature in a convertible is being able to rear face the child for as long as possible (high weight capacity for RF)!

  78. Robi Wagner

    I look for safety and durability. Currently the car seats/booster seats we use allow for the harness to be used until the children pass 65 lbs.

  79. harmony warren

    When shopping for a car seat for me it is one of the most important baby purchases above all else. I look for everything from detailed descriptions such as 5 point harnesses to the reviews and standards. Like most I will go above and beyond to protect my precious cargo, you just can’t put a price on a childs saftey!

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