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All of Trekaroo’s fabulous content (thousands of reviews from travel-savvy parents all across the US) is free for any visiting user to enjoy. However, membership has it’s privileges.

As a member, you get to

  • Share your scoop on what’s hot and what’s not for kids. What are you cool picks?
  • Ask questions and get answers from savvy parents in the know
  • Bookmark all the fun places you’re discovering on Trekaroo to help with trip planning
  • Put in your vote for who you think is writing helpful reviews and send messages and compliments
  • Receive our newsletters full of seasonal tips, hot travel deals, and what’s new on Trekaroo
  • Earn welcome rewards like a gift card from Starbucks, Amazon or REI

How to qualify for Trekaroo’s Welcome Rewards

Trekaroo’s Welcome Rewards program is typically a special offer for new members. Each new Trekaroo member is invited to our welcome rewards program. There is no better way to make your mark on Trekaroo than to sharing your reviews. Join Trekaroo now and get your welcome rewards.

Write ten reviews in the first two weeks and we’ll send you a $10 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks,, or REI. Write 25 reviews and we’ll send you a $25 gift card. Just shoot an email to when you’re done to claim your rewards. (Group fundraiser participants are not eligible for welcome rewards.) Click to start sharing your reviews.

Are you already a member? Don’t fret, we’ve got something for you too!  For the next two weeks only, we’re opening up the rewards program again to current Trekaroo members. If you’re able to write 10 or 25 reviews after 2/15/2010 and before 11:59pm on 2/28/2010, you’ll be able to receive a special thank you gift card too. Click to start sharing your reviews.

Trekaroo Reviews and Welcome Rewards Photo by: Flickr/Ed Yourdon

Tips for writing reviews:

  • Think broad: What can you review? An attraction? Of course. An activity? Definitely. A restaurant? You got it. My neighborhood park? Now you’re catching on. Think where you’ve been with the kids in the last 3 months and I’m sure you’ll have more than plenty to add.
  • Think age: Some families have kids of different ages, share about the activity from your perspective, but mention what age your kids were when you experience this attraction with them.
  • Think details: Resist generalizing in your reviews. Provide details that you think would make a difference to families.

– Attractions: Highlights or low-lights? Long lines? Best time to visit? Available food options? Tips for saving money?

Restaurants: How was the food quality, noise level, service, prices, wait time for a table and food? Special play areas or activities for kids?

Hotels: What was the pool like? What other amenities highlight or lowlights? What were the rooms like? What did you like and not like? Kid programs or special features? Food options? Location? Value?

  • Think You. Express who you are. It’s more fun to know the family behind the experience rather than a list of facts. Tell stories that illustrate your point, or get us laughing with you.
  • Think expert. Whether you’re a local or have first hand experience, your point of view counts. So express it boldly.
  • Think visual. A photo can speak a thousand words. Have a picture. Add a photo together with your review.Splash Pad

Here’s where you can start sharing your reviews.

What is Monday Madness?

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Esther Lee is a contributing author on Trekaroo – a reviews site dedicated to exploring and traveling with kids.
Travel with kids to: CA |CO | DC | FL | HI | IL |MA | NC | NY | PA | TX | VA | WA

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Esther Lee is one of the co-founders of Trekaroo. She is also the mom to a 6 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl.
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    I submitted 10 reviews and I’m wondering if I can receive the gift card? How does this work? Thanks for the great website.
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