Monday Madness: Free iPhone Applications for Kids is a new resource for parents, teachers and therapists working with preschool to elementary school age children. They have a wide variety of educational iPod/iPhone apps for preschool/kindergarten age children that are fun and engaging. It looks like the website is targeted for parents of children with learning disabilities, but the apps are great for any child.

The best part: they are all FREE for the whole month of April in honor of Autism Awareness month.

What Rhymes

If you love Dr. Seuss, you’ll love the “What Rhymes” iPhone app for kids. “What Rhymes” is a colorful app that teaches kids to find words that rhyme and understand phonetic sounds. Kids will find different combinations of easy rhymes such as sled/thread, chair/pear, dog/frog, bell/shell, cat/hat, fan/can, etc. In the blink of an eye, your kid will soon “be a poet and he won’t know it!” Great for preschoolers.

Click here to download.

Which Does Not Belong

What Does Not Belong is the iPhone version of Sesame Street’s “One of these things is not like the other thing.” A child is shown 4 pictures like the Rhyming application, but the question now is to figure out which one does not belong. Such as grapes, strawberry, orange and a chocolate cupcake. Another example may be three chairs and a stool or a police man, a firefighter, a construction worker and a young girl.

Click here to download

Which Go Together

This is the compliment to What Does Not Below In the application your child will see 4 images per page and be asked which two items belong together. For example, frying pan, bacon, a toucan and an umbrella. Or a piggy bank, coins, marbles and an alarm clock.

Click here to download

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