Mama Merit Badges

i just came across a website tonight that creates badges for Mama Scouts. they were created to give moms “props” for all the hard work motherhood requires, yet often goes unnoticed. my favorite was the one for “travel” and “diaper” given the stories from our worst poop travel story.  i think all the parents who’ve shared deserve both of these badges for their travel war stories.

if you fit any of these descriptions taken from the Mama Merit Badge site, you probably deserve to get one of these fab badges…

Travel Badge


Ever been stuck on the taxiway for hours with a child who is potty training, a born dancer or a curious, shrieking climber? Run out of snacks and been stuck with a snarky attendant who is no help? Walk on to a cross country flight with 3 under four years old and visibly read the lips of passengers as they moan a cuss word that sounds like stuck? Been forced to take a sleeping baby from a sling so you can go through the metal detector? For those with wanderlust and offspring, your bravery and grit are honored with this badge.

Diaper Badge


Everyone has an episode of diapering significance! Have you experienced poop paintings on the wall, poop dripping from the Bjorn in the grocery store, poop in the tub, poop up the back and into your baby’s hair? Have you ever performed gymnastics trying to keep other siblings from getting into poop? Has your baby ever peed into your mouth? Explosive poops, indecent exposure,or cloth diapering; this badge tells your story.

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Esther Lee is one of the co-founders of Trekaroo. She is also the mom to a 6 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl.

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