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The Trekaroo KidsMobile just climbed from sea level to the mile high city of:

Denver, Colorado

Who would have known that Denver is a city that is full of indoor water parks?  Who would have thought that local families love having a fiesta good time at one local Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita?  These were some of my favorite surprises found in the recommendations that local travel savvy Colorado moms are sharing with the rest of us on Trekaroo.  Jump on board the KidsMobile – the locals are taking our families on a tour of Denver.  They’ll even tell you where the locals frequent on the weekends when they head up to the mountains.


Trekaroo families have been voting for their favorite kid-friendly activities in and around San Diego for a couple of months. We’ve tallied their votes for 2009 and here’s the line up!


Top Activities for Kids in Denver, CO – voted by Trekaroo parents

First up, Kara gives her stamp of approval to what she considers the Top 5 Museums for Kids in Denver.  When Kara gives her thumbs up, we all take note because she is one of three founders and travel writers for The Vacation Gals.  Their site is chock full of great tips on favorite destinations for family trips, girlfriend getaways and romantic escapes.  Kara is a wonderful story-teller and she’ll get you ready to jump on the next plane and head to whatever destination she’s writing about.

Fiona, better known as the witty mom behind her blog Bantering Blonde, brings us her Five Favorite Indoor Water Parks In the Denver Area. Only a local mom would know that Denver is a city that abounds in indoor water parks. Fiona is an active mom of 3 who is also the founder of Mom Active.  A site that inspires women to be positive role models in their family. If you’re having one of those days, hop on over to Bantering Blonde and you’ll be sure that Fiona will have you chuckling about your life as a mom in no time at all.

Suzanne has the local scoop on  the Top 5 Places to eat with your Kids in Denver.  She is the mom extraordinaire to 7 kids (yes! That’s right – 7.)  She tells her tales of life as a mom of a blended family on her blog Crunchy Green Mom. She is your go-to mom for what’s fun to do on a budget or for free in Denver.


If you’re visiting Denver with your kids for a weekend, kick start your itinerary with Lori’s recommendations of How to spend a day or weekend with kids in Denver.  Lori is the mom behind WeeblesWobblog where she blogs about open adoption, parenting, mindful living, politics, 1970s trivia and much more.  She’s lived in Japan and Syria and having kids has not stopped them from traveling.  With their kids, they’ve traveled all across the US and to Costa Rica.

Our Family’s Staycation Experiences in Colorado is brought to you by Jillian, the mom of 3 who authors the blog Is dis normal or dysfunctional, She’s got a wonderful collection of stories that any mom can relate to.  Her casual and open writing is a pleasure to read.  Jillian has been writing offline for many years and started writing online in 2009. Since then she’s been featured in both travel and parenting online websites like Parenting.com, Blogher.com and many many more.

Other Resources for Denver, CO

Next stop, Charlotte, North Carolina (that’s right, the launch of North Carolina is coming soon)

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