Little Passports Explorer’s Kit – a subscription to exploring the world

When the Little Passports Explorer’s Kit arrived, my kids were thrilled. The blue “suitcase” contained a world map, a passport, stickers for the suitcase, and a boarding pass. There was also a letter from Sam and Sofia, two world-traveling children who send stickers and surprises each month. My daughter is 7 and she took great pride in sharing the letter and contents of the suitcase with her 5 year old brother.
The kit also contained an activity page with educational games related to geography. After reading the letter from Sam and Sofia, my children worked on the activities together. They were challenging and engaging enough for my daughter, but not too difficult for my son.

After completing the activities in the suitcase and studying the world map, we spent some time on the Little Passports website. The boarding pass in the suitcase gives a code which allows children access to a website with puzzles, trivia, and other geography games. The website contained a world map puzzle that my son enjoyed and a trivia game that challenged and entertained my daughter. The website content was more advanced than the activity page in the suitcase and seemed appropriate for older elementary school children.

Over the next few weeks, I caught my children pretending “world traveler” with their suitcase and passport. Then, the first monthly adventure kit was delivered. Sam and Sofia were writing from Brazil and sent a piece of amethyst. My 5 year old son gasped, “A treasure!” Again, my daughter read the letter from Sam and Sofia aloud to her brother and they took turns holding the amethyst and putting stickers on their suitcase and passport.

Since the arrival of this kit coincided with the Olympics, my daughter has been interested in finding countries on the map for the various Olympic competitors. So far we have discovered both large and small countries and this has created the opportunity to discuss some of the history and traditions of these countries.

My children loved finding the Little Passport suitcase in the mail and have already started asking when the next one is going to arrive. This is a great way to introduce children to new cultures and to discover new worlds. My kids are already discussing where Sam and Sofia might go next. We can’t wait to find out!

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary Little Passport Explorer Kit and First Monthly Explorer Kit in order to complete my review. All of the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

by: Ginger Templeton


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