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Kidsmobile Across America

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

In the early years at Trekaroo, we worked with a variety of bloggers on a fun blog hop that took us to cities across America by bloggers who are experts in their region.  Check out the content nationwide:


We’ve already stopped in the following cities.  See what the local parents recommend as the best places to take kids in each of these cities. 

KidsMobile: Denver, CO – 1/12/2010

KidsMobile: San Diego, CA – 12/8/2009

KidsMobile: Washington, DC – 11/24/09

KidsMobile: Philadelphia, PA – 11/10/09

KidsMobile: Seattle, WA – 10/29/09

KidsMobile: Chicago, IL – 10/15/09

KidsMobile: Los Angeles, CA – 9/29/09

Our grand tour started with:

KidsMobile: New York City, NY – 9/15/09



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