Kate and 8: Ignoring the Kids while on Vacation

I don’t know how many of you are fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but they are quickly becoming the Brittany story of 2009.

Last month, Kate was the cover story for this month’s US Weekly Magazine. In a nutshell, Kate was caught at the pool in Bald Head Island, North Carolina texting on her phone, cuddling with her bodyguard/loveman and ignoring her kids.

“When Kate sat on the edge of the pool, she told one of [the twins], ‘If you splash me, you’re dead meat,'” Sweeney says. “She was not joking at all.”

The child’s response?

“She said, ‘Mommy, you are mean!'”

This whole thing begs the question of how do you handle kids while on vacation.

Whether on vacation or just in the backyard, there are plenty of times where I came be downright rude to my son because it’s just been a long day or I didn’t get enough sleep the night before because he was coughing or work is stressing me out and I say something that I don’t mean and want to pull a “rewind.” Unfortunately, Kate won’t be regretful of her actions until she sees herself on the cover.

I think that it’s important, especially while on vacation with kids to bake it time for yourself and your hubbie to rejuvenate. Whether that’s time at the spa, a quick nap, or just grabbing a froyo topped with heath bar crunch, taking some R&R time is key for my sanity. With a quick snooze or sugar inhalation, I can usually transform back into a normal functioning citizen of the world as well as a mom of a 2 year old.

So, how do you do it while on vacation? My husband and I make sure to do something we find relaxing during our son’s 2 hour afternoon nap. He usually heads off to the golf course to hit a bucket of balls and when it’s my turn, I typically go for a sugar fix.

We’d love to get a babysitter, so that we can actually do something together, but unfortunately we’re total weenies when it comes to having strangers take care of our son. He’d probably be fine, but we’d be totally stressed.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like for Kate to have 8. I’m glad that she has nannies to help her with the kids each day especially since Jon is a totally jerk and has walked out on her and the kids. The amount of time that’s available to her as downtime must be pretty sparse. If she wants some time where she doesn’t have to focus on the kids, put them in a kids program so that at least they’re having fun and someone’s focused on them having fun and step away. People often don’t see the whole picture and forget that kid’s are often watched by other helping hands. Also, given the fact that Kate gets so many freebies these days, I’m sure a hotel would be happy to have her kids in their children’s activities program.

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