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When inspiration hits…

Today, the inspiration to write about all our wonderful adventures in starting and building Trekaroo finally hit me and I’ve started this blog so that all our family, friends, and fans can share in our excitement.

I also figure that if we keep this going long enough, perhaps our kids will grow up and ask us to tell them stories about why and how we started Trekaroo and wahlah! We can just say….that’s a long long story….just check out the archives of the Trekaroo Blog. Way back in 2008, mom, dad, Aunty Esther, and a couple of crazy friends started Trekaroo from absolutely nothing. Yeah…it was so long ago and back in that day, the Internet was FREE….




2 Responses to When inspiration hits…

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  2. pandora January 28, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

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