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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Asian New Year from Trekaroo

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2016)

Happy Asian New Year! I’m an American born Chinese… Married to a Korean born Canadian… Living in the Bay Area and raising a Chinkoreamericanadian 2 year old. It’s always fun to try and think of how we’re going to introduce our multitude of cultures to our son. At Trekaroo, we make exploring your heritage with your kids the best “staycation” for 2009.

my chinkoreamericanadian baby

Last week marked the start of “Obama-nation”, a true milestone in celebrating the diversity of our country. Kate Pocock’s article, “Digging Up Roots: How to Help Your Kids Explore Their Family’s Heritage” is filled with fun ideas from creating a “historic family museum” to attending a festival that’s great for kids of all ages. With a little forethought and a basement and attic that’s full of treasures to be uncovered, your kids can discover the richness of where they came from and the people of the past who helped to make them who they are today.

I’m excited to take my 2 year old to the Chinese New Year celebrations up in San Francisco to give him a taste of dancing lions and some of the best food of the year. How do you explore your heritage with your kids?



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