Go Gaga Ergonomic Diaper Bag

Diaper bags come in all shapes in sizes these days, and for good reason. Sure, moms need a convenient solution when its time to head out the door with child(ren) in tow, but just the thought of packing the full-size diaper bag and toting it around all day gives me a backache. For me, the key to a successful outing is to have just the right size of bag for everything I need. No more. No less. In order to do that, I am resigned to not having “a” baby bag, but several to choose from, depending on the situation. A little extra prep time at home can make a huge difference when its double meltdown time in the lobby of the children’s museum.

With the birth of my second child came a slew of new diaper bag choices, Here’s my line-up.

Go Gaga diaper bag

Bag #1: The work horse. I still remember my mother’s diaper bag when my younger brother was a baby. It was huge, but she could never find anything quickly. Diaper bags have come a long way since then, and the Go GaGa Ergonomic Diaper Bag is living proof of that statement.


  • Easy to use/versatile straps for the shoulder and the stroller
  • Easy access insulated bottle pockets
  • Adjustable interior divider
  • Durable fabric, made from 72% recycled materials


  • Doesn’t sit flat on its own
  • Difficult to get changing pad back into outside pocket


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This bag is so functional and versatile, it begs to be called anything but a diaper bag. Every pocket, strap and pouch seems to be built not only for diaper days, but for years to come. The easy access bottle pockets also fit a large water bottle. The outside pocket fits multiple diapers and wipes for easy reach. One challenge I have with this bag is that the changing pad, which is cut to fit the outer pocket, is difficult to get back in the pocket with the rest of the changing supplies in it.

The strap is ergonomic, spreading the weight over the entire shoulder, which is nice. My husband can also use the sliding shoulder pad to cinch the strap for a more masculine look. In my opinion, the super-easy to use stroller strap attachments are the most ergonomic feature. After having struggled with too many other diaper bags and their stroller snaps, I love having one that I can easily attach and detach without causing a scene!

The bag is also very planet-friendly, each tote is made from 72% post consumer recycled fabric by a fair trade certified manufacturer in Vietnam.


Disclosure: This complimentary product was received from the manufacturer to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.


by: Brenda Gradek

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