finally! one-way frequent flier trips with a large carrier

before life as a mom, i used to fly around the world for work and play collecting thousands of frequent flier miles along the way. i loved my united global services status and free trips that i could book with my thousands of points except for one thing….


sure you can book one-way mileage trips with with jetblue and virgin america, but unfortunately they don’t fly everywhere. thank goodness someone smart at american airlines figured this out and has started to offer one-way frequent flier trips with miles through their american advantage frequent flier program. (see article)

now we’ll finally have the flexibility to book multi-leg trips with miles. i hope that the other major airlines are quick to offer that as well. (that means you united mileage plus!)

personally, i’m a bit upset because i wish this news would have come out earlier in the year. my son turned 2 earlier this year i’ve probably spent close to $1000 extra dollars on airfare to fly his adorably expensive little body around with us for all of our trips in 2009. most of them are 3 stop hops and it would have been nice to spend $0 and book it all though miles. oh well, i guess that we’ll be racking up more mileage points this year to use for our one-way trips in 2010!

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