Farm to Fork: Raising Kids Who Know Real Food #RealFoodRocks

As a whole, we seem to have lost touch with our food. The average five-year-old today may be able to feed their virtual pets with ease, but few have been to or even seen an actual working farm. Statistics are startling: people just don’t seem to know where their food comes from or how it gets to their table. But there is a real food movement with growing momentum. A movement of moms and dads are seeking to return to the farm to fork basics, before our food became an industry, before GMOs, before chemicals, before there was anything but organic farming.

From agritourism hubs and farm stay vacations to local u-pick farms, fields, and must-try mom hacks, here’s how to raise kids who know real food. 

Oh, and we are giving away some fabulous prizes to celebrate real food, including $500 of gift cards to Thrive Market & variety packs of Ruby Rockets fruit & veggie snacks! Enter below.

Teaching Kids about Real Food

Trekaroo #RealFoodRocks celebrates real, authentic food and gives you tips and tricks to help your child learn where their food comes from.

Here at Trekaroo, we are passionate about how travel and authentic learning experiences come together, but that doesn’t mean travel is the only way to teach your kiddos about real food. We teamed up with four lifestyle bloggers to share their best tips and inspiration for making real food a part of family life. And we’ve also rounded up our very favorite places to connect kids to where their food grows across the nation. (Keep reading to enter our giveaway!)

Trekaroo Food Revolution- Connecting Kids to Where Their Food Grows #realfoodrocksFood Revolution: Connecting Kids to Where their Food Grows

The agritourism business is booming. Turns out, families actually really enjoy learning how our nation’s agriculture and farming industries work. Kids learn to milk cows. Crops are watered. Seeds are planted (both physically & metaphorically), and a real food movement is stirred in the next generation.

Read more about the best places to connect kids with food across North America.



Healthy Meal Tips from Kids for Kids #ReadFoodRocks@RubysRockets @FoodFunFamilyHealthy Meal Tips From the Kids, For the Kids

Want to incorporate healthy eating into your family’s lifestyle? Get kids involved in the process! Kids can contribute to family cooking, shopping, and even gardening, and they’re happy to share their best tips for eating right!

Read more tips from the kids at Food.Fun.Family.







Healthy Lunch Ideas and lunchbox notes printables #RealFoodRocks @RubysRockets via @SkiptomyloublogCute Lunch Box Notes

How to inspire your kids to eat right on the go? Add fun notes to their lunch boxes to remind them you’re thinking of them and to encourage healthy eating habits. What a great idea!

Read more about creating your own notes at Skip to my Lou.






Wholesome Food for the Whole Family #RealFoodRocks @RubysRockets via @urbanblisslifeWholesome Food for the Whole Family

Do you know where your food comes from? It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’re at the grocery store, staring down aisles and aisles of pretty packages and fine print, isn’t it? But eating healthy can be fun!

Read more about sourcing wholesome food for the family at Urban Bliss Life.





How t get Picky Kids to eat Veggies and Fruits #RealFoodRocks @RubysRockets via @Travelmamas

How to Get Picky Kids to Eat Vegetables and Fruit

Have a picky kid? It’s possible to get him or her to like vegetables and fruit. And spoiler alert: it’s not all about the classic bait and switch…kids can learn to like veggies without trickery!

Read more about getting picky kids to eat right at Travel Mamas.




Sponsor Spotlight: Ruby Rockets

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Try the travel-friendly Ruby Rockets Non-Dairy Yogurt alternative

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About the author

Katie Bodell is Trekaroo’s Blog Editor, a freelance writer, a happy wife to her best friend, and a mom to three sweet California girls. She loves the Bible, learning & research, musical theater, indy music, artsy films, languages, and diverse cultural encounters. Her husband is thankful that google can now answer all of her perpetual random questions.
15 Responses
  1. Rosie

    At home it isn’t much of a problem, it is when they are at other places and there is a lot of junk foods around.

  2. Michelle C

    The non dairy yogurt looks awesome and we’d love to give it a try! We’ve been able to switch to an alternative do everything but yogurt in our dairy sensitive house. Love these!

  3. Michelle C

    We have been gardening since my child was born so we love real food. We struggled in the toddler years with pickiness but we recently had to give up gluten and that has caused him to expand his pickiness!

  4. Linda

    My son, so far, is well educated about real food because his father and grandmother care very much about growing their own vegetables.

  5. Theresa

    Our kids enjoy eating healthy foods because we really emphasize how great it is to eat things that are good for their bodies.

  6. rusthawk

    From the time they were little I focused more on fresh fruits and real foods instead of the packaged stuff or fast food. The habits seems to have rooted.

  7. Stacey Roberson

    My oldest daughter, who is 17, is really the only one who understands real food. My other children are 4 and 5 months. It’s important for my daughter to eat real food, due to allergies. She’s also a very health conscious person. Sometimes, it is a challenge as we are always on the go, which makes eating healthy difficult.

  8. Stacey Roberson

    My 4 year old son would most enjoy the Gravity Grape Frozen Pop. The 5 month old might like them too, as she’s currently teething.

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