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Gifts for the Giving Family

2012 Trekaroo Family Travel Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the Giving Family

Have your travels opened up your heart?

Instead of consuming more as a family during the holidays, honor your loved ones while celebrating the gift of giving by purchasing an alternative gift.  Here are some ideas of gifts that do good, handpicked by Trekaroo families.  These gifts ideas are easy for children to connect to.  Trekaroo is honored to be partnering with these wonderful organizations.



    Kwei and Mya Dolls for Refugee Children

    Bring joy and comfort to the refugee children of the Karen community living in camps at the Burmese-Thai border by donating 2 dolls for 2 children.  Your gift will also help artisan women in the camps make a living wage.   This Gift that Gives More through is 100% tax-deductible in the US and benefits WEAVE (Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment)

    Gift Dolls for Refugee Children $20

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    Photo by: & WEAVE

  • A Gift that Does Good!

    Travel Pouch of Magnetic Blocks by Tegu

    These beautifully designed magnetic blocks are genius for playing with at home, on an airplane, a restaurant, or in the car.  They have a beautiful mission as well.   With your purchase, you’ll help Tegu continue to grow the important work of creating employment opportunities, respecting and renewing the environment, and providing for education in Honduras.

    Buy Travel Pouch Blocks $32