Gifts for the Lil’ Jet Setter

2012 Trekaroo Family Travel Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the Lil’ Jet Setter

  • A Gift that Does Good!

    Travel Pouch of Magnetic Blocks by Tegu

    These beautifully designed magnetic blocks are genius for playing with at home, on an airplane, a restaurant, or in the car.  They have a beautiful mission as well.   With your purchase, you’ll help Tegu continue to grow the important work of creating employment opportunities, respecting and renewing the environment, and providing for education in Honduras.

    Buy Travel Pouch Blocks $32

  • Sponsored

    CARES Airplane Safety Harness

    Kids Fly Safe – CARES Airplane Safety Harness makes flying with young children safe and simple. It’s easy to carry the 1 lb. FAA certified CARES airplane safety harness in your pocket or purse, installs in 1 minute, and approved for all phases of flight:  taxiing, take-off, and landing. Kids love it too as it’s just like what the pilots use.

    Buy CARES Airplane Harness $74.99


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