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Enjoy the Winter Olympics with Kids-Weekly Digest-1/31/14

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2017)


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Enjoy the Winter Olympics with Kids

Friday January 31, 2014

The Winter Olympic Games are starting soon and it’s time to cheer on the athletes. Join in the Olympic Spirit with Trekaroo by participating in winter sports, visiting museums, and sharing in global camaraderie. 

Winter Olympics with Kids

Exploring the Winter Olympics at Museums

Places to Play and Train Like an Olympian

Family Cross-Country Skiing: Learn Like an Olympian!

Family Ice Skating Adventures

…scroll down for more Olympic-Themed Activities in USA & Canada

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Photo by: Flickr/Ben Sutherland

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Grand Canyon Cookout Experience

free coupons for kids“ – jthovda

Can you tell me how you got the free coupons for your kids? I’m also in a large group. I joined the site t-roo but I don’t see where to get coupons. Thanks for your help!


General Travel

Which international destinations offer the most bang for your vacation buck?“ – brennan

Which international destinations have you been to that offer the most bang for your vacation buck?

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Fresh Off the Press

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Best Dog Sledding Spots for Families

Top 10 Things for Families to do in Nebraska

Kid-Friendly Tips for Safe Snow Play

Olympic-Themed Activities in USA & Canada

Winter Sports Gear Recommendations

Cross Country Skis for Wee Ones – L.L. Bean’s Snowflake Skis for Toddlers

Transpack ski gear boot backpacks

Ski Helmet for Kids: K2 Entity

Polarmax Tech Base Layers for the Whole Family

Special Picks

Our favorite reviews for this week

  • California: 

    Ice-Skating rink at Curry Village

    Stellar Neller
    says, “I now know why Trekaroo voted the Curry Village Ice Rink #1-it’s awesome! I almost sent my kids on the ice without going on so that I could rest from a hike next to the outdoor fire pit, but I woul…

  • Pennsylvania: 

    Benezette Hotel restaurant

    Karyn Locke
    says, “Benezette Hotel is a family-friendly restaurant that serves homemade meals at affordable prices. With large portions, budget-conscious families will appreciate the great quality and split-ability!



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