Earth-friendly Stocking Stuffers for Kids

3244942649_14eafbdcfa_tDoes Santa really want to stuff your child’s Christmas stocking with lots of little plastic tchotchkes that are going to end up in the landfill by Valentine’s Day?  Surely Santa’s going earth-friendly too this year, right?    So don’t forget to put out those organic carrots for Rudolph and some all natural homemade cookies and milk for Santa.

A memo from the Santa’s Workshop gave us a sneak peak on some of the seasons hottest earth-friendly stocking stuffers for kids:

Some other ideas for stocking stuffers that will warm the heart without accumulating shelf space in your house:

  • movie tickets
  • make a donation in your child’s honor
  • sponsor a child via Compassion who can become your child’s pen pal
  • iTunes gift card so you child can download music or a movie
  • vouchers for fun outings with mom or dad e.g. going to the children’s museum, spending one-on-one time, skip chores for a week.

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  1. Linda

    I Love it! I was just at Whole Foods last night and noticed a display of ‘junk’ toys for stocking stuffers that where cheap, and made in China. I decided to change our tradition, and stuff the kids stockings with healthy treats, including their favorite homemade cookies, candied nuts, and cheese with crackers.

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