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Earth Day Conservation with Kids – Trekaroo Weekly Digest 4/19/2012

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2017)

While travel does increase your family’s carbon footprint, some trips can inspire and educate your family to be greener Earthlings.

Kid-friendly Earth Day Adventures Around:

Fresh Off the Press

It’s National Parks Week April 21-29. Get free admission and enjoy lots of kid-friendly events at various parks.

National Parks Offering Free Admission:
Arizona | California | Colorado | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Maryland | Missouri | New Mexico


Special Picks

Our favorite reviews for this week

  • Texas: 

    Children’s Museum of Houston

    says, “Just enjoyed a school day visit to the Children’s Museum of Houston. Packed before 1pm with field trip kids. Went to Bodega’s Tacos nearby (delicious, cheap and great for kids too) for lunch and w…

  • California: 

    Gilroy Gardens (Bonfante Gardens)

    says, “It’s nice to have a theme park that has fruits/veggies as the theme! I love the typical parks like Disneyland (and planning to go there again in July!), but really liked the unique atmosphere of t…




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