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Feeding a baby while traveling can be tricky business for moms and dads. When I had my first two children 7 years ago, I took some advice from close friends to try out the Dr. Brown’s bottles.  I loved them at the time and used them for 2 years.  After my second child, I donated all of the bottles not expecting to use them again.  4 years later, I found myself pregnant with baby #3 and deciding once again which bottles to use.

I did some of my own research this time and seriously considered switching to the Tommy Tippee or Avent systems.  But after careful review, found Dr. Brown’s to be a better choice for myself once again.  Since I had last used Dr. Brown’s bottles, they switched to BPA free plastic bottles.  An upgrade that has become standard.

With baby #3, I tried hard to nurse.  Unfortunately, with several complications, I had to switch exclusively to bottle feeding.  Dr. Brown’s has been amazing since the beginning. They advertise that their bottles preserve vitamins, the vents prevent vacuum feeding and nipple collapse (as breast feeding), air channels through vent to eliminate gas and spit-up and as an added bonus, products are made in the USA.

To prepare the bottle, I poured water directly into the bottle using the measuring pre-marked on the bottle.  Then added powdered formula, always mixing the formula with a spoon.  Then placed the venting system on the top along with the nipple.  I did find the bottle was prone to leaking if the bottle was shaken to mix the formula.  However, I never had a problem if the formula was stirred.

As soon as I switched to bottle feeding, our daughter latched right onto the nipple of the bottle.  It looked as natural as it possibly could.  As she fed, the bubbles in the bottle were few and far between.  There was never a frothing of the formula (which can cause gas as well as waste the formula).  Our daughter never suffered from excessive spit-up or really had much at all.  She burped once or twice a feeding and then would go right back to eating.

Dr. Brown’s bottles come in two different styles both holding 8 oz of liquid.  The first style is a tall, thin bottle with a thin nipple.  The second style is a short, fat bottle with a wider nipple. The second style with the wider base and wider nipple is the bottle I found I preferred.  I liked it because it was easier to fill with water, easier to add the formula and easier to stir.  The tall this bottle has a smaller opening in the top and spoons that would reach the bottom are hard to come by.

As far as Dr. Brown’s products,  that was as far as I had ventured.  Until I had the chance to use the Pure and Simple Blender.  Making your own baby food seems to have become the fad since I had my first two children.  And, what a great fad it is!!  It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s healthy and it’s economical!

The Pure and Simple Blender is a cinch to use.  Even putting it together is a no-brainer.  I actually did read over the directions (for this review) and found that they pretty much did nothing to aid you in assembling the product.  Yes, it’s that easy to put together and use.  Only two buttons – speed 1 and speed 2.  If you let go of the button, it turns itself off.  The blender portion snaps into place and just as easily detaches.  To clean, simply wash with warm soapy water.  There is even a handy loop at the top should you choose to hang it to store.  My favorite part of this blender is that it is thin, can come apart and is perfect for travel. Day trip to Grandma’s or a week at the beach are now going to be without the purchase of baby food since I will be able to make it myself while traveling.

I wasn’t exactly sure how the puree was going to turn out as I had not made baby food prior.  The end result was not as smooth as store bought, but ultimately, I thought that was probably better.  The first puree I made was smooth enough for my 5 month old to easily gum ad suck on when mixed into her cereal and formula.  She clearly had no problems as I watched her scarf down a whole bowl of green beans.

My least favorite part of the Pure and Simple Blender is the mess it makes!  Let me take this opportunity to recommend you wear an apron while operating!  For my first adventure, I made green beans.  I am still finding green bean schmear ALL over the place. I had it on my apron, on the counter, on the cabinets etc.  I blended the green beans in a typical mixing bowl when perhaps I need a beaker like container to mix in.  Perhaps the next go around.

I absolutely loved the Dr. Brown’s Snack-A-Pillar stackable snack and dipping cups.  They are the perfect size for so many different uses.  The pack comes with several different colors (which makes organizing for multiple children or food groups easy). The tops screw onto the base and creates a seal that does not let liquid through.  The bases also screw into each other for easy storage.

I have stored snacks in them, taken them on the road pre-filled with cereal (later added formula directly to it and used it as a bowl) and even let it ride around in my diaper bag for a week while full.  The cups have not spilled or leaked and wash out easily…can even go in the dishwasher!

All of these products have lived up to the Dr. Brown’s name and I am still a dedicated customer!  I’ll continue to use these products and now will look for even more Dr. Brown’s items.  Can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Disclosure – I received complimentary Dr. Brown’s products to use and evaluate .  I was not required to state any particular view, and all opinions are my own.

By Meghan Schubert

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