Country Inns and Suites 1K Adventure- 7 States in 7 days!

Imagine your family waking up, hopping on a plane to Minneapolis, and then getting up the next morning to begin driving 1000 miles through 7 states for the next seven days.  Sounds like fun, right?  But there’s a catch.  You won’t know which direction you are heading or which states you will be visiting.  As a matter of fact, you won’t even know where you are going each day until you received a message on your smart phone giving you new instructions!  Sounds like a blast doesn’t it?  Well, that is exactly what my family will be doing from June 5th-13th while we participate in the Country Inns and Suites 1K Adventure!!!!

Lately we haven’t exactly been the most spontaneous travelers.  I love to research, plot out, and organize every last detail of our vacations.  On this trip however, I have to hand the torch over to Country Inns and Suites by Carlson and trust them to do the planning.  While I am confident that they have plotted a fantastic course for us, I am still experiencing a bit of anxiety about the unknown.  I will probably be bringing along multiple travel guides so I can blurt out random facts about each location we visit and I have a feeling my road atlas will be attached to my right arm (I know we will have a GPS, but I am old school), but my excitement over this journey far overshadows those little anxious gremlins in the back of my mind.

Here is what I do know: We will be driving an Avis Rental Car, equipped with a GPS, be given a Sprint smart phone (the Samsung Moment to be exact), some Dining Cash gift cards, and a JVC Camcorder.  Each day, we will get messages on our Smart Phones regarding our next “Suite Stop”.  In those messages we will be given directions and the information that we need to navigate to our next destination.  We will have a task to complete at each “Suite Stop” and it will be up to us to determine how we spent the remainder of our time during the day.  Every night, we will be sleeping soundly at one of many different Country Inns and Suites throughout the country.  Its nice to know that at the end of the day, we will be in a clean, comfortable bed with plenty of room for the four of us to spread out!

My family is not going on this journey alone. We are heading down the road with two other families.  The first is the Williams Family of Colorado. Kara (aka Colorado Gal), the family matriarch, is also a fantastic travel writer and one of the women behind Vacation Gals.  The second is the Sveback Family.   Ross Sveback is a widely recognized Twin Cities lifestyle expert (I am really looking forward to all of his tips!) who can be found on Kon-Tent.  Part of my excitement about this journey is being able to meet these two families and share our experiences with each other.  I can’t wait to read their blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates to see how their experiences differ from ours even though we are all traveling the same stretch of highway.

I would love nothing more than to have you all follow along with us as we take this trip and explore America. Make sure to bookmark the Country Inns and Suites 1K page so you can follow our three families as we roadtrip across the country.  Each day, I will be writing a post here at the Trekaroo blog, recapping our day and giving you the highlights of our journey.  We will also be videotaping portions of our trip so be sure to check out the clips I post to see yours truly making a complete fool of herself on camera.   I will also be updating the Trekaroo Facebook page and my personal Facebook page.  Finally, I will be tweeting up a storm on both @trekaroo and @doubleadventure.  Make sure and follow the hashtag #CIS1K so you don’t miss a moment of the adventure!

There you have it- the details (or lack thereof) of our upcoming  journey.  Now I would love to hear from you!  Where do you think we will be heading?  What places do you hope we see along the way?  Any tips for venturing out into the great unknown? I am looking forward to hearing what Trekaroo readers have to say!

Disclosure:  A significant portion of the costs and resources for our family’s participation in the 1K Country Adventure was provided by Country Inns & Suites By Carlson.

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Sharlene Earnshaw (aka doubleadventure) is Blogger-in-chief for Trekaroo and the blogger behind Double the Adventure.

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Sharlene Earnshaw is Trekaroo’s Editor in Chief. She lives in sunny Orange County, CA, with her husband and 10-year-old son and daughter (twins!). She is a self-proclaimed National Park junkie and has the goal of visiting each and every one with her kids. When she isn't traveling to places like Norway, Peru, Disney World, and Hawaii with her family, she enjoys hiking, beach days, obsessively rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, and planning her brood's next trip.
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  1. Linda

    7 states, 1000 miles from Minneapolis: Here’s my guess for some places you’ll see: Field of Dreams, Wisconsin Dells, Galena, IL, and something in Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota (maybe the Corn Palace?).

    Enjoy the trip–can’t wait to read your tweets as you travel “my” part of the country!

  2. debi9kids

    OMGOSH! I am SOOOO excited for you! What an awesome trip… of a lifetime! WOW!

    I will JUST be getting back from my cross country trip when you leave for yours! So, we’ll have to “keep in touch” via Twitter 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all of the awesome places you get to travel!!!!

    ps Wonder if you’ll end up in the east instead… perhaps Chicago as your final destination ????

  3. Kim Tracy Prince

    I love this idea! I am a control freak but I love the thought of not knowing where you’re going until the next day. I’ve always had this fantasy of heading to the airport and getting a ticket for the next plane out, no matter where it’s going. Of course with my luck it would go somewhere I’ve been before. Have fun and I look forward to your updates!

  4. Chrissy

    Sounds like an amazing trip so far. I agree that Field of Dreams will be a stop. I am thinking that if you don’t wind up back in MN then some stops would be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, Amish Country in Pennsylvania and/or Freedom Hall in Philly, and either Times Square in NY or Niagra Falls….can’t wait to see where you go. Would be wild if they took you on a southern route through Tennessee (can you say Graceland) and Georgia and ended up in Orlando 🙂

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