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Cherry Blossom a Bloomin’

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2016)

These past couple of days, walking out of my front door causes me pangs of envy.  Our neighbor has a cherry blossom tree that is bursting in that dreamy feathery pink filled with hope and optimism that I love.  (Our garden is kinda sad from neglect lately.)  This short lived burst of glory that cherry blossoms bestow on us is one of nature’s gifts to our senses.  They last for at most a month, so where can you go with your kids to soak in the most magnificent displays of Cherry Blossoms?  Lydie Thomas has the scoop on Where to Admire Cherry Blossoms.  From Pennsylvania to New York, California, New Jersey, Georgia, and Washington.  If you know of a place in your home town add it to her list on Trekaroo.



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