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National Park Visits In the Off-Season

Off-season national park visits provide two huge benefits: (1) crowd avoidance, and (2) discounted lodging prices. But of course, there are many cons to the off-season. These cons include unpredictable weather, transportation issues, closed trails, limited camping and dining options, kids’ school schedules and missing out on high-season sites or activities.

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The Sunny Side of Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming is one of those rare vacation destinations that just seems to have it all: small town charm, breathtaking scenery, fine dining, and family-friendly activities around every corner, ski corral, or hitching post.

Usually lauded as a premiere ski town, Jackson is not to be outdone (even by itself) in the summer months. We spent a memorable 4th of July exploring the area this past month, and were never wanting for something to do.

Jackson’s city center is located along three to four main blocks on and around Cache Street, known for its bleached-by-the-sun elk antler archways, high-end shops, and fun eateries. The town is very pedestrian-friendly, so to save on those precious parking meter quarters, I suggest driving down Cache Street to Snow King Drive and parking in the large, free lot belonging to the Snow King Ski Resort. From there, you’ll have both the mountains (behind you) and the town (before you) at your disposal.

What to do: If you’re like us, you’ll spend your first five minutes arguing about whether the official city name is Jackson or Jackson Hole, and for good reason: locals seem to use the two interchangeably (To save you some time, here’s the scoop: the city is called Jackson, whereas the valley in which it resides is generally referred to as Jackson Hole.).

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