Road School Fields Trips: Pioneer history california, nevada, oregon

Road School: Pioneering History in California, Nevada, and Oregon

As lifelong residents of the Western US, my family and I love pioneering history. Since the moment my 4th grade class studied the California Gold Rush, I was hooked, and I’ve passed on my passion for this chapter of our nation’s history to my kids. Nearly everywhere we drive in the West harbors some vestige...

Snow Play for Kids (and Parents!) on Oregon’s Mt. Hood

So there I was. Sitting at the top of a snowy hill in an inflatable rubber tire. And all of a sudden- whoosh! I was flying down the hill on an inner tube and laughing as I went. This 30-something mom was Cosmic Tubing at Mt. Hood’s SkiBowl!

Visitng Astoria Oregon: A Weekend of Kid Friendly Exploring

Astoria is about a 2 hour drive from Portland, and lies at the mouth of the Columbia River, where it collides with the Pacific Ocean. Astoria has a lot to offer and makes for a perfect weekend get-away for families. There is no actual beach in Astoria, to get that you need to go 20...
kid friendly Oregon: Oregon Family Road Trip

Family Road Trip Through Oregon

From eastern Oregon, we meandered through pristine farmlands and sage covered hills; then climbed windy roads over central Oregon’s Cascade Range, then descended to the rugged coast.
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