Spotlight Thursday- Top Places to Have a Pilgrim Thanksgiving

Welcome to Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for most of us, its a time to gather with family and stuff ourselves full of food.  Its a time to cherish all that we are thankful for while remembering those brave and hearty Puritans who sailed across a vast ocean in search of a new...

Spotlight Thursday: Spooky Festivals and Attractions for Kids

Lately, the witches have been crafting their best potions, goblins have been looking for some new hiding spots, and ghosts have been checking out their favorite haunts. Its seems as though things tend to be a bit more spooky in October. So where do families go to find all things spooktacular in their neck of...
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Duck Tours Across America

Every now and again, I need to experience something a little kitschy while on vacation. You know, something that makes me feel like a tourist. Luckily, duck tours are around to provide that perfect amount of cheesiness while still giving families a great way to see a city.

Spooky Halloween Adventures for Kids

If your kids have nerves of steel (unlike mine), you might be able to scare the socks of them at some of these haunted houses, ghost tours, and Halloween events.  Many attractions across the country have special Halloween tours or fright houses set up.  But what’s age appropriate and what isn’t?  What ages are your...
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