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Guides for family travel gear created. Honest gear reviews on everything from camping gear, travel gear, road trip gear, travel-friendly games and more.

Grand California Road Trip: Hit the Road for the Vacation of a Lifetime

Take your family on a grand California road trip down the coast. From San Francisco to San Diego, plan a road trip with something for everyone.
Review of Saddle Baby Pack

Review of Saddle Baby Backpack & Original

The Saddle Baby Backpack is my husband’s new best friend. Since the time our son could sit up on his own, he was dad’s little sidekick. And, since my husband is an extremely energetic man (some might say a workaholic) he never let a toddler slow him down. Up onto his shoulders our son went....

Review of Privacy Pop: a travel-friendly bed tent

“Privacy Pop’s pop-up bed provides your child a little privacy in a hotel room.  This bedroom oasis doubles as a playtime fort, and Bedroom Oasis” – Alison Anderson   The Privacy Pop bed tent is a fun practical way to create private space in a full household. Pros: Creates instant private space in hotel rooms or...

Ultimate Beach Vacation Checklist for Families

Have a case of the winter blues? Start planning your epic beach vacation and print our Ultimate Beach Vacation Checklist.

The Adventures of Kid Friendly Morro Bay, CA

There is something really special about Morro Bay. It’s quite stunning to drive down to the coast and see this huge rock sticking straight out of the ocean as if to say, “don’t look at anything else but me!”

Finding Pit Stops on Family Road Trips

We’ve compiled our best ideas for top pit stops on family road trips. Every road trip has a final destination, but rare is the family who can make it to their nightly accommodations without a pit stop or two (or three…or four).
Camping Week Gear Guide

Car Camping Gear Guide

To help you make the most of both your trunk space and your time spent hiking, packing, camping, and eating, we're sharing our favorite go-to items for car camping.
Jucy Campervan road tripping on a budget

Road Tripping on a Budget in a Jucy Camper

When it comes to budget family travel, camping is always a popular and fun way for families to vacation on the cheap. Our family loves car camping, but road-trip camping has always been daunting, until we encountered the Jucy campervan.

Review of L.L. Bean’s Snowflake Skis for Toddlers

We’re a winter family. You really don’t have a choice but to embrace winter when it lingers for sometimes six months a year! Getting our toddler son interested in our sport wasn’t too challenging, but having the right gear was definitely a plus! There are only a few cross country skis on the market for...
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