Family Travel Tips

General tips for how to travel with kids, affording travel, and managing the logistics around family travel.

Budget Travel Tips: Saving Money on Meals while on Vacation

Traveling can be expensive. We share our best tips for saving money on food while on vacation with your family; easy meals that don't break the bank.

Best Mosquito Repellent and Bug Bite Relief for Kids

 During the summer months, we do a lot of hiking and camping in a part of the country where mosquitos can be a real problem. Mosquito bites are annoying, but we’ve learned they can be a health hazard as well. Kids with itchy bites scratch them (heck, so do adults), leading to open cuts…not ideal...

Awesome Travel Toys for Family Travel

Heading out on an upcoming trip and hoping to get some great travel toys to take in tow? We’ve reviewed dozens of products for kids of all ages and share some of our absolute favorites with you. Best Baby Travel Toys 36.  Plastic linking rings: Sassy Lively Links $3 37.  Boardbooks: The Cheerios Play Book...

Kid Conversations on the Road: What’s Poverty Mom?

Photo By: BigStock/Wollwerth Imagery What’s Poverty Mom? In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, my son asked for the first time about the differences between the comforts he was used to in our home and what he had observed while we were traveling. He was eight years old and was intrigued by the people who were selling trinkets...

Tips on Traveling With a Large Family

  Try traveling with one kid and it’s a big deal, but take three or more kids and it becomes an ordeal. Moms with three or more kids, like minnemom and 4sixsuit, are my heroines. They truly take the saying, “Have Kids, Will Travel” to a whole new level. Not only do they have to...
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