Family Travel Tips

General tips for how to travel with kids, affording travel, and managing the logistics around family travel.

How to Help Your Kids Explore Family History Through Travel

Photo Courtesy of BigStock/Wavebreak Media Ltd My kids have a hodgepodge of ethnic backgrounds. Take one Russian grandfather and one Polish grandmother, add two Anglo-Irish-Welsh grandparents and three religions, and they are the cultural equivalent of mixed nuts. I would love to take them on a whirlwind tour of their roots from Dublin to Vladivostok,...

Camping for the First Time with Baby or Young Kids

My husband and I started tent camping for the first time at campgrounds together on a 4th of July holiday (many years ago). Both of us were brand new to camping but were excited to try it out. After our first experience we were hooked. Even when kids entered our lives, we were determined to keep...

Budget Travel Tips: Saving Money on Lodging

It may be easy to book a hotel room, but it’s rarely the most economical. Consider how most families spend a third to half of the cost of their trip on accommodation alone; lodging is one area that you could save big. Check out these budget travel tips to save big time on lodging. Photo by:...

Budget Travel Tips: Family Vacation on a Shoestring

Many people think in order to fuel a travel addiction it must mean you’ve got loads of disposable income. But that’s not really true. Our travel team definitely has the travelbug, but many of them are also really smart about finding deals and making those fun dollars stretch. Here are some of our secrets to...

Budget Travel Tips: Find Cheap Travel Deals on Attractions

Did you know that there are lots of ways to get cheap travel tickets to attractions and to find ways to have loads of fun for free? Time spent researching and planning ahead really pays off so that you’re never paying full price. With a family of four, the savings can really add up. Lead...

Budget Travel Tips: Saving Money on Meals while on Vacation

Traveling can be expensive. We share our best tips for saving money on food while on vacation with your family; easy meals that don't break the bank.

Staycation Ideas: Budget (and Family) Friendly Fun in or near your Hometown

Trying to stay on a budget this year? These staycation ideas will have your family enjoying all the fun perks of a fabulous getaway, without going far.

Best Mosquito Repellent and Bug Bite Relief for Kids

 During the summer months, we do a lot of hiking and camping in a part of the country where mosquitos can be a real problem. Mosquito bites are annoying, but we’ve learned they can be a health hazard as well. Kids with itchy bites scratch them (heck, so do adults), leading to open cuts…not ideal...
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