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Top 10 Things for Families to Do in Connecticut

Connecticut, the Constitution State, is rich in history and landscape. Yankee ingenuity is a great source of pride for us Nutmeggers. The state abuts the Atlantic Ocean offering a home to some great seaside towns.

Top 10 Things for Families to Do in Alaska

Families will find a little something for everyone, from history buffs to fishermen and skiers to hikers. Here are ten Alaskan adventures to get you started, and they come with the promise that once you visit, you will have plans to return with a whole to-do list of your own.

Top 10 Things for Families to Do in South Dakota

South Dakota, the land of great faces and great places, is rich in pioneer, exploration and archeological history while boasting beautiful wide open whispering prairies, stunning jutting mountains, crystal clear lakes and lazy windy rivers (giving it more shoreline than the state of Florida!!) The population of the entire state is on par with the...

Who’s in Love with Trekaroo?? Superoos!

If you aren't familiar with the name, a Superoo is a parent who is recognized for contributing to the site with wit, enthusiasm, savvy, and gusto--and are then rewarded with some amazing perks for their time and efforts. Being a Superoo is completely awesome.

Finding time to climb a tree

Trekaroo wants to help families find new places to play, hike, and explore. We already have hundreds of parks and hikes on our site which were added and reviewed by people just like you, but we are always looking for more! You can help people in your community by adding your family's favorite places to...

7 links- Seven Talking Trekaroo posts that we think you should read again!

Recently, Trekaroo was invited to participate in a fun project called “7 Links.” This project, started by Tripbase, asks us to recall our favorite travel posts in an effort to give new attention to old posts which may have slipped by you in the past. Amy Whitley, the editor of Pitstops For Kids and a...

A Pioneering Group of Destination Guroos

Trekaroo is growing.  And I can’t keep up.  So we’re handing the keys over to you.  Emerging from our Superoos in 2010 were a few exceptional families who seemed to have the inside scoop about everything in their area.  We’ve invited them to take on the important new role of Destination Guroo. This year, we’re...

Best Places to Cool Off and Swim in the San Francisco Bay Area

Wonder where families are escaping the heat in the San Francisco Bay Area? Here are the best places families on Trkaroo are saying are the best water parks, free splash pads, swimming lakes, rivers and beaches to take your kids to to cool off.

The Best Zoos in the West

Since I love zoos so much, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to some of our countries finest. Our first stop is my home turf, the West Coast. Here are five zoos that Trekaroo families and I think you shouldn't miss:
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