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Pixar Pier What's Coming to Disney California Adventure

Sneak Peak: Everything We Know about Pixar Fest and Pixar Pier at Disneyland California Resort

Wondering what type of Pixar-themed fun is coming to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure this year? We were too. Let us know what else you are wondering. We’ll keep this article updated as we learn more about Pixar Fest and Pixar Pier. Pixar Fest: Starting April 13, 2018 Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will celebrate...

Visit National Parks for Free with Your Fourth Grader

We love our national parks. And while we recommend that families explore these parks with children of any age, from birth all the way up through adulthood, some age groups provide exceptional opportunities for visits. For many families, this magical age is fourth grade, when kids begin having a great grasp at reading comprehension, are developing critical thinking skills...
road school by shutterstock

Road School: Why Travel is Our Favorite Way to Educate our Kids

Trekaroo's founder, LiLing Pang shares about why their family has prioritized travel for their children's education. Trekaroo also announces the launch of a new Road School series - a collection of Road School guides to help parents explore various educational topics with their kids.

Year in Review: Top 10 Family Travel Articles of 2013

Happy New Year! Explore our Top 10 Most popular travel articles from 2013 and get your new year planning on.
Trekaroo's Troo American Road Trip

Trekaroo’s Troo American Family Road Trip Begins Today

One mom, six kids, 8,000 miles and a kangaroo. That’s the story of the Troo American Road Trip. Trekaroo mom, Sharon Rowley embarks on this brave and exciting journey starting July 19, 2013, sharing trip updates and tips from the road. Follow their adventures and challenges as their traverse 17 states and provide trip updates...

Meet the Team- Become a Superoo Elite Reviewer

Since there are so many faces now to our blog, we wanted to give you a quick run down of all our regular folks and new contributors. Want to write for us? Read on for more details.

New! Trekaroo’s Fall Event Calendar

I love my calendar; scheduling my family's events, meetings, practices, and meals on my personal calendar keeps us on track. Out of this love for organization and ease, we at Trekaroo are proud to launch our brand new events feature located within our site. We've picked a great time to get you excited about our...
Plan your next trip using Pinterest. Here's how.

Using Pinterest To Plan Travel

Saturday is my Pinterest day. There are no lunches to pack, no rushed dinners to make after school and activities, and it's a day I (usually) mentally check-out of work. I browse Pinterest to clear my mind, but also to plan everything from dinner parties to travel. Why travel, you ask?

Exciting New Additions to Trekaroo!

There have been some exiting new additions to the Trekaroo family this summer! No, there haven’t been any newborn additions to my household. That ship has sailed my friends! However, there have been some exciting promotions and additions to the Trekaroo team as we continue to grow as an organization dedicated to helping parents travel...
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