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Best Spots for Kids Who Love Planes & Air Travel Tips- Weekly Digest- 11/14/14


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Best Spots for Plane Loving Kids & Tips on Air Travel


Friday November 14, 2014

It’s time to take to the skies with high-flying kids who love airplanes. Check out these top spots for plane-loving kids or get expert tips on air travel with kids. 

Best Spots for Airplane Loving Kids

Georgia | New England | Northern California | Ohio | Seattle, WA | Washington D.C.

…scroll down to find more air travel tips and aviation activities near you

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Spots to View Planes

Kid friendly airport spots and places near airports in the U.S.

Hot Air Balloons in Colorado

Air & Space Museums: Arizona | Colorado Springs | Denver | Massachusetts | Nebraska | New York | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | San Diego | Virginia | Washington D.C.

Colorado: Eat a meal inside a KC-97 at The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs.

North Carolina: See where it all started at the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk.

Be the first to review: Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey

Expert Tips on Flying with Babies & Kids

Family-friendly Airlines: What’s most important when flying with kids?

Baby Travel – Flying and Airports 101, A How-To Guide for a Successful Airplane Trip with Baby

Important Tips for Airplane Travel with Infants

Kids Flying Alone – What to Expect

Paralyzed by A Fear of Flying- One Mom’s Journey to Overcome Her Phobia

Best Noise Canceling Headphones

Surviving holiday air travel: tips to keep your holiday spirit

Kid-Friendly Remedies for Painful Ear Pressure While Flying

5 Best Apps for Kids to Use While Traveling

Special Picks

Our favorite reviews for this week

  • Airplanedining_sm_thumb
  • Colorado: 

    The Airplane Restaurant

    says, “Go for the entertainment, not the food! Our child loved this place – airplanes hanging from the ceiling in the “terminal” and the chance to eat inside a real airplane will thrill any little person …

  • 20141109_101242_thumb
  • California: 

    Discovery Cube Los Angeles

    says, “My family attended the opening media preview of the brand new Discovery Cube Los Angeles, sister museum to the Discovery Cube Orange County, located in Santa Ana.

    The museum has four core initi…

New Talk Questions

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General Travel

Favorite place to see planes?“ – mcfam

Do your kids have a favorite spot to see planes? Under the runway at the local airport? Awesome Air & Space Museum?

When my kids were young, I would take them to the local airport and w…


Tennessee Valley Railroad – Polar Express

cost of tickets“ – Leeann Graves

iam wanting to bring my son n my daughter n 2 of my nieces,,they are 11yrs of age and older…how much will it cost me..for the Polar Express train ride..

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