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A baby wrap is basically a really long piece of fabric which you wrap around your body in a specific way to create pockets that a baby or even a toddler can fit in and be secured against your body.  Recently, a hybrid version has emerged with the Baby K-tan.  It’s double loop design makes this wrap much easier to put on.


  • For a little baby, the wrap carrier secures baby closer to your body than any other carrier out on the market.  It perfectly fits to the size of baby and the result is a secure and truly hands free baby-carrying experience.
  • The way that a wrap distributes weight across your back is remarkably ergonomic.
  • The wrap also fold up into a very compact bundle that fits very easily into a purse or diaper bag.
  • You can position baby pretty easily for breastfeeding on the go and it feels very private and intimate.
  • Baby fits so discretely into the wrap that you can easily shield baby from the sun and provide the perfect nap environment. .
  • If you’re traveling in cold weather, a wrap doesn’t fit too well over a jacket, so wrap baby up next to you and get an extra large jacket that fits well over you and baby.  Baby will be very toasty and shielded from the elements.  The wrap is probably the most useful carrier for carrying a baby depending on how you tie it and position the child.

It does take a little time to learn how to tie and use a wrap.   Once it’s on, you really don’t want to take it off and have to re-tie it all over again. Fortunately, if you buy a wrap in a fairly neutral color, people don’t even notice you are wearing one.

If you’re going to be in a place with warm climate, you will be pretty uncomfortable having all this extra fabric on you.  There are some wraps made of lightweight batik material that would do better in the heat, but ti would still be pretty uncomfortable to have a warm baby wrapped so tightly onto your body.


  • Moby Wrap ($30-60): Made out of stretchy material in different colors and even some in Thai silk and treated with UV protection.
  • Baby K-tan ($50): ingeneous double loop design makes putting on a wrap much easier.  However, it is not so versitle in fitting different body types.  You have to buy a size that fits your body.  Comes in various fabrics. Review of the Baby K’tan
  • Dolcino Wrap ($125): Beautiful woven cotton fabric and contemporary colors and comes in various sizes
  • Gypsymama Wrap ($70-75): Comes in thin cotton batik for warm weather places, stretchy T-shirt batik, and even a high tech sports knit wick fabric makes it usable in the water and provides UV protection.
  • My Baby Nest ($80): A wrapless wrap that takes the brain work out of figuring out how to tie the wrap fabric around your body.

Best Baby/Child Carrier for:
Traveling with an infant who doesn’t sleep well in a car seat or stroller
Traveling with an infant to a place with very cold weather or harsh weather.
Parents with a bad backs




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