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Michelle Brennan and her husband are Yankee born and raised and are loving life as they raise their 3 children in New England. They love to learn through travel and head out on excursions whenever possible. The suitcases are always packed....literally!!!!
Canadian shores

Why We Travel: Awe-Inspiring Wonder

The search for wildlife and winding trails created a desire for searching for more of the awe-inspiring wonder created on this earth.
insect lover

Road School: Insects and Spiders for the Young Zoologist

On many family trips we have scouted out places where her thirst for more insect and spider knowledge can be quenched. Along the way our other two children, as well as us phobic parents have learned much about the subject.
Malibu Dude Ranch

Malibu Dude Ranch: East Coast Family Fun

Located in the picturesque Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the 800-acre Malibu Dude Ranch prides itself on two things: creating family memories and horseback riding.

Sugar and Spice Ranch: Life Lessons for Mothers and Daughters

The Sugar and Spice Ranch is a ranch home open to mothers and daughters interested in learning about horseback riding. Along the way, Mom and daughter teams learn horsemanship and much more.

Family Fun in the Catskills of New York

While we were driving from our home in Connecticut I couldn’t help humming “I’ve had the time of my life….and I owe it all to you”. We were heading to the Catskills, the iconic vacation spot for New York City dwellers during the 50’s and 60’s. This was the place where Baby would not be put into the...
Top 10 pioneer Valley

Top 10 Things for Families to do in Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts

Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts offers plenty of family friendly activities and its downright beautiful. Here are our recommendations for the top 10 things for families to do in Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts.
Free Family Fun Burlington,VT

Free Family Fun in Burlington Vermont

Our family loves a visit to Vermont. We love the fresh air, the friendly people, and the fabulous food. Burlington is as close to a family mecca as one might find in Vermont. This small city and the immediate area offers so much for families to do together all centered around the beautiful Lake Champlain...

Kid-Friendly North Captiva Island: Adventurous Relaxation

As a seasoned bunch of travelers, my family loves an "adventure" vacation. This time, I tricked them into an adventure that was really about me being able to relax. The second secret is that I have found an idyllic slice of paradise off the Florida Gulf Coast that doesn’t require a passport or a long...
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