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Budget Travel Tips: Everything You Should Know about Home Exchange

Are you itching to travel but think you can’t because of budget constraints? Explore this guide to Home Exchange and see your dream come back to life!

Top Ten Free Things to do in Paris

Paris has so much to offer and so much of it can be done without spending a dime. I have all of them detailed in my book ‘Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free’. These are my top ten kid-friendly free activities.

15 Tips for Traveling Internationally with Kids

It is always exciting to leave to visit another country. My family thrives on discovering new monuments, new foods, new parks, and new people. As my husband and two daughters get all pumped up for the airplane or train ride with not a care in the world, I, as the majority-elected organizer-in-chief, make sure that...

San Francisco- Free Attractions for your Family

San Francisco is a city that offers plenty of free activities for families. I have all of them detailed in my book ‘Your Guide to Visit San Francisco for Free’ and it was a delight to pick ten activities that my own family enjoys doing and sharing them with you.
Entertaining kids when traveling

Entertaining the Kids when Traveling

Top Games and Activities for Traveling Kids. These are all based on recommendations from Trekaroo's community of travel-savvy parents over the last year. We've got games that can be played anytime, anywhere and no gameboards required.

Review of the My Little Suitcase iphone app

The My Little Suitcase iphone application provided by My Busy Kits is pretty straight forward.  It provides children aged 2 to 6 help with packing for 4 specific trips: camping, sleepover, snow, and beach. The goal is to teach children how to start packing on their own for an overnight stay or a longer trip...