About the author

Li-Er Hanson is a mom of three teenagers. Having been shaped by significant travel experiences growing up in Singapore with an adventurous father, inspires her to take her own kids on the road. She particularly loves being camping and being in nature now that she lives in the Pacific Northwest but loves all the culture and buzz that cities offer.

Road Trip Tips: How to Stop Motion Sickness in Kids (and Adults!)

We have a 10-year-old son who is very prone to motion sickness and throws up even on Interstates or local car rides which last for more than an hour. For a family that loves to explore by car (which has included a 4,000 mile round trip from Washington to Wyoming to see Yellowstone National Park),...
Freedom Trail Tour

Road School: American Revolution Field Trip to Boston and Philadelphia

The ultimate payoff for this trip was answering my nephews' questions about the Revolutionary War and the reasons why things unfolded as they did, discussing whether King George in England was fair in his expectation of colonists, and posing the question of which side they would be on. They now knew enough and had seen...