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This morning we were written up in an article by Shelly Rivoli at the Examiner.  The most exciting part is that she understands the family travel niche and the needs of our demographic.  Trekaroo was borne out of our own frustration. We found it difficult and time-consuming to find the information we wanted that was tailored to traveling with kids.  In the long term, we aspire to be a travel industry advocate for the family. Imagine if hotels had every kid specific thing you needed when you arrived so you didn’t have to pack it or pay extra for a service.  Dream big, think beyond what you have come to expect from travel providers.  Push the needle forward and someday it’ll be commonplace.

We’ve been getting some great press recently and it seems that we’re striking a chord!  Here are some more articles on us.

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Brennan Pang is Co-founder of Trekaroo. He is a father to 2 boys and a girl and loves exploring and adventure travel. A California kid at heart who loves mountaineering, climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. He doesn't love running but does it anyway. He has lived in a hut at a chicken farm in Zimbabwe, gotten amoebic dysentery while paddling a dugout tree in Madagascar, hiked to Everest base camp in winter, chilled with the giant tortoises of the Galapagos, and witnessed a fair number of volcanic eruptions. He spent six months traveling through Central and South America with his family and recently swam with sharks and stingrays in Tahiti. Follow him on instagram at @overdare.
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  1. imaaron93

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the lack of good resources available to families who want to experience the benefits of travel. Most of the web sites that purport to focus on this area are really just aggregations of packaged, sanitized travel from the commercial industry. Your web site is a great start to getting some independent momentum going in this area.

  2. TravelPangs

    Glad there are like-minded families out there. When we come together and give family travelers a real voice, we’ll be able to do to the travel industry, what trip-advisor has done to travel industry as a whole. That’s the long-term vision. There are lots of building blocks to put in place to get there…but with families banding together to voice their needs and what they appreciate, we’ll get enough of a grassroots voice going.

  3. Philip Nurick

    I agree. Considering so many families travel together, the resources are poor. I’ve enjoyed doing all my research on my own, and have found the rewards of creating my own trips for my family are wonderful.

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